Love Note to My Anima | Socionic


Reach Through Dark to Find The Light


Love Note to My Anima

Emerging through the darkness, you reveal yourself to me
Form and figure captivate as presence comes to be
Full and flowing beauty, elegance undenied
Shadow laden fluid grace fills fixated eyes

Mysterious intention approaches from unknown
Origins outside my conscious, beckon, build and grow  
Whispering of secrets, promises of truth
Drinking intuition, I fill with feel of you

Your present touch transcends me, caressing soul and mind
Reaching through the depths of being and beckoning to find
The limitless potential, dormant in the dark
Ushers in a new horizon, a journey to embark

Sowing an expansion upon soul’s fertile soil
Erode away a rational shell restricting me before
Peel away the callus cover, hindering my view
Giving way to movement, ascending, pushing through

Falling to seduction I feel myself transform
Spanning the gap of understanding, consciousness pulls forth
Power over me conforms, reaching deep inside
Lead me through to light and vision or leave me petrified

Eagerly dependant, our union is complete
Your essence fuses with my soul, is now a part of me
With a love abounding, you free me from this shell
Guide me blindly through the dark, and lead me to my Self