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Stain Serenity

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 16:39 - by Socionic


The lyrics to this song were written from a very dark place. A place of pain and helplessness, frustration and paralysis. A place arrived at by a transition through emotional and physical eruption brought on by being pushed past the previous limit of tolerance and perspective.  From that place, a transformation to a new perspective was necessary. A release from the weight and pressure of brought on by limited view.  And a permanent sign to remember the transformation forever, so that I would never return there again.


The essence of the meaning and inspiration behind Stain Serenity can begin with the word "catharsis".   Solitary meditation reaching to connect within to progress toward a new understanding. The scene and scenario brought on by an intrusive event, superseding all other focus of mind in pursuit of a solution, a new understanding.

Yet the state is not one of controlled exploration, but that of an alignment of emotional, physical and mental movement, pulling the entire being into a new place against the will of conscious, but understood and necessary in its natural transition. Focus brought on by natural and unified translation due to a significant event requiring immediate reconsideration of current perspective and then subsequent change.  A mental metamorphosis, a journey to a new place with no return to a previous state. And a clear sign left behind, coaxing the persistence of memory in this significant event.

In this state the self has become so filled up and weighted down by toxic influence and pressure that an immediate release and transformation is necessary. Previously paralyzed by inaction and tolerance, the final limit is reached, where natural and metaphysical forces take hold and move a stagnant state beyond its previous atrophied form.  A transition that spans and drives through the layers of being from abstract shadows of the subconscious through the emotional connection of body and soul, to the very skin that encompasses our physical form.  An act of alleviation in a desperate state of overflow.

Often we use and identify with symbols and signs to sustain recollection of important events, concepts or memories.  They are a prevalent and common concept throughout history. A tangible materialization distilled from vastly abstract and complex concepts, serving as a conduit to the similarly characterized expanses of our subconscious.  They help us remember something important on which we deem necessary to reflect upon as future unfolds and the color of our perception changes with time. These symbols and signs are often wrought in a medium that contains the attribute of permanence, such as iron and stone. In some cases and cultures even in markings of body and skin such as tattoos and body modification. All serving to retain the significance of an important thought and concept captured within the distilled and refined form of a symbol.


The imagery derived as the visual representation of this concept, notion and feeling can be initially described as recursive extroversion of the constructs of the mind's deepest architectures. This imagery materialized in the form of a deep and dark cave buried in obscurity, far from the common senses and recognition of our worlds familiarity.  The inner depth of the psyche as the cave  surrounds and represents the subconscious, the seat of our reflection.  The pool is the medium that lubricates the connection to the conscious Self, represented by the human figure, and the symbol and veins extruding outward are the bridge between all, connector of abstract conception and literal realization.  The synapse of percent ant translation to a new form and perspective.

A visual representation of the layers of the mind reaching and wrapping around and through itself, progressing to new balance between its own construction, extroverting the depths to surface and driving deep the literal forms of an experience into the reflective chasm of rumination and transformation.




Initial description and mood concept images

The tone of this song is strongly and very well described as that of catharsis.  Alone place of dark reflection and pain; unable to see a way out.

Setting a deep dark cave; organic “roots” or “veins” tying and connecting the physical being with the extroverted representation of the dark, reflective part of the mind (depicted here as a dark, damp cave) in which he is currently focused; as if tied down by the current juxtaposition of body and mind.

Figure in painful, almost genuflecting pose, crippled with weight of emotional state.  At same time in deep focus, differing to inner feeling (see sketch).

Symbol: A slightly flawed circle with jagged un-parallel lines underneath, placed just above the figure (see sketch)

Concept Sketches

Reference Images


Artwork Process

  • Red/warm color, lava inspired textures; Light and shadow play to reveal roots/veins all around the place.
  • Circle symbol as main light source (dusk time)
  • Color theme: yellow-green


  • Character seems to be energy-fueled, with burning light from inside, semi-transparent skin.
  • Light glowing fx from character (catharsis), very subtle
  • Dark cave with glossy details: stalagmites and stalactites, water reflects on the ground, water drops from stalactites,
  • Other details such as bushes, old/rotten trees, small spiders web… (just throwing ideas :)
  • Small pools / puddles with slight ripples in them.
  • veins/roots guiding to character.
  • Each stalagmite/stalactite in front of the crop will be textured, slightly blurred to emphasize field of depth
  • Character pose from image (to be taken)


Basically it's the same as v1 but there is different light source - from outside of the cave, with distant horizon view.



The Circle Connects / Manfish Inc's Epiphany

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 17:50 - by Socionic

Everyone involved in this project has a great appreciation of visual art.  From paint to pencil, video to experimental mediums, much like music, visual art has tremendous power in translating and communicating emotion and abstract thought.  Form conjures explorations of the mind never before considered until suggested by colors on canvas.  In such a way, music and visual art go hand in hand and do well to complement each other as they expore the full spectrum of artistic expanse.

One of the more direct explorations of that connection between mediums can be found in the interpretation of one by the other.  Music interpreting visuals and visual art interpreting music.  This is something that we were inspired to captured through our collaboration with Valp on the Identity pieces, Each artwork corresponding to the interpretation of the respective song.  (There will be much more detailing this process and the meaning behind each in the future).  As we traversed down that path, we found that even after the completion, the writing and final recording of a song, we were now learning more about each that we hadn't realized before. The alternate perspective and collaboration with another artist of differing medium, shed a new light on the view of the songs and their meaning that wasn't before seen or understood.  It was a very inspiring realization and served to further solidify our belief in the power of perspective and depth of exploration through art.

The inspiration behind this post and the re-realization of concepts inherent came from a piece of art recently shared with us by Manfish Inc (Jill Colbert) .  She was inspired to translate her visual interpretation of our song 'Epiphany' through pen and ink.  The resulting imagery flows across the page traversing the journey of the song as witnessed through her mind's eye.  The elements on the page sit, balanced in the depths of the composition, each telling a chapter of the story that makes up the whole of the resulting composition.  Abstract form flows between personified figures creating a pseudo psychedelic picture of the phrases within the song. 

This depiction being the third view from which we have seen this song, ( the first it's writing, the second with Valp ) it is again apparent that there is more to be discovered that we have not before seen. In fact, we would have never seen the view that contains the form, color and meaning reflected in this piece if Jill would not have been inspired to show us through her interpretation.

Therein lies the infinite beauty and interconnectivity of our minds intertwined as we all experience and view a shared world through a differently tinted lens.  There is nothing that can be fully understood and seen clearly without the interpretation of others.  Only through that realization and acceptance can we aspire to extend vision and understanding far beyond limits previously conceded.

Take a deep look into the piece that has been created here, and reflect upon the inspirations that come into your mind from it.  Perhaps it will inspire you to create, and from there you will inspire another, as interpretations cascade inward and outward, until we all meet together where the circle connects. 


Manfish Inc Links


First Panel

Second Panel

Music Connection Magazine - Identity Review

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 17:01 - by Socionic

We recently had the honor of having our album, 'Identity' reviewed in the February issue of Music Connection Magazine.  Published since 1977, Music Connection magazine is a monthly music trade publication catering to musicians, industry pro’s, and support services.  They provide a great resource for independent musicians and artists to connect with each other and grow their career.  Being long time subscribers and fans appreciative of the resources that they've provided for musicians like us, it's incredibly exciting to get the opportunity to be reviewed by their well respected staff.

Our singer, Michael, has been suscribing to the publication since moving to Los Angeles seven years ago, and it has been a helpful in the growth of Socionic. (As a side note, that anniversary is tomorrow 3/5, and we're celebrating at the 10 Years concert at the Key Club.  As a side side note, it will be one of the last shows at the Key Club before it closes on March 15th).  There were many issues read in eager anticipation of forming a band, recording an album, and playing the first show, long before the conception of the project as it is today.  As such, it is incredibly fulfilling to be acknowledged by them, and to be moving in the right direction.

Citing "Stellar performances, rich production and the ability to craft multi-level Tool-like tunes" we are extremely happy with their thoughts on the album.  Also stating that the songs would be a fit for any "sci-fi or horror soundtrack" and possess the "production finesse" that "fans can savor repeatedly for subtle touches and tones", it's a validating response from a respected industry publication, and what we hope is a vibrant forshadowing of future progress.  An indication of things to come...


Download Full Issue



Thu, 01/24/2013 - 14:41 - by Socionic

Looking forward benefits from the objective ability to reflect back.  As we are already underway with a new year, looking forward, as reflections of the last growing distant behind us, analysis of that view provides insight into where we are, and how close and how far from where we want to be.  Reflection and resolution are overly popular and overtly cliche around the beginning of a new year.  Often becoming a trend of faux intention glorified by the energy of the moment, quickly lost with habits retiring to the monotony of periods prior.  When viewed devoid of terrestrial and geological factors, a new year is merely the starting point of a natural cycle, to which our cultures and societies adhere, but is otherwise arbitrary in regard to linear progress.  That said, there is great significance in the inspirations behind the concept, hover fickle and popular this particular representation may be.

Much has happened in the last year for Socionic, and many lessons have been learned.  We've completed recording of our first set of songs in a professional studio with a talented producer, collaborated on visual artwork to further extend the world that we intend to create, booked shows and traveled on our first set of shows outside our home town on the Origin of Identity Tour.  We yelled atop the highest peaks of social cyberspace that we could reach to spread the word about our artistic efforts, did some interviews, received some reviews [ see link list below ] , created merchandise, and even attempted to fit some of the rest of our lives into the area between the cracks (which sometimes proves more difficult than expected).  In the last year, we've done much of what we believe it might take to create, grow and sustain an artistic life, all as an independent entity, without the support of a label or large investor.  Doing the full breadth of what it takes to succeed as an independent artist has been a challenge at times, but has allowed us to pursue our own pure vision, and from it, we have learned greatly.

Over the course of the last year we've encountered various people that affected this stretch of our creative journey.  Both teachers and takers, advocates and detractors, people whom with we've aligned and aided, and people who served to dampen the growth of our progressive selves, whether from outright intent or merely the short sightedness of self consumption.  As with all experiences in life while on sharing this world with those we encounter, we learn to recognize the difference between the types of people we meet along the way.  With experience and attentiveness, the qualities within others and our own selves become more clear, and the ability to navigate toward our goals becomes keener.  From that wisdom, we better learn to preserve the sanctity of self, for those whom which we love, and the causes, principles and aspirations for which we fight.

From the experiences of this past year, we hope to build upon the foundation of accomplishments completed, and wisdom earned to continue the path of creation and growth.  We hope to find even more advocates to enhance our vision, and we thank of all of your that have supported and inspired us to believe in ourselves as we continue pushing forward toward new horizons and artistic potential, realizing more than we could have ever dreamed.  As we move into the next cycle, the reflections of the completed past propel us all toward new horizons.

[ please enjoy our abstract interpretation of the concepts in this post displayed in the organic mathematical terms of a fractal  ]

Reflection on The Origin of Identity Tour

Thu, 11/08/2012 - 14:12 - by Socionic

The first  journey outside of Los Angeles as artists is now complete.  In only a short week of time our senses overflowed with rich new experiences and we were transformed by the immense fulfillment of communicating and connecting with new people through art.  From the beautiful geography of the North West to the eclectic character of each venue and city, to the bonds between people and other artists, it was an exhilarating new endeavor.  One that must we must do again soon.

Having previously only speculated on the excitement of such an experience, the realization exceeded expectation.  To be able to go out and directly deliver the fruits of our hard fought efforts greatly enhances the reward of the whole creative process.  The character of each venue presented the taste of new culture and style enhanced by the addition of new music and art offered up by the other bands that joined us.  Each night took on unique traits and characteristics of it's own, writing and inserting a new chapter in the story of our journey.   And traveling through the diverse and ominous geography between each stop was an experience unto itself.  The vast expanses, infinite skies and dark mystery of untouched forests and hills of the North West countryside provided a humbling reminder of just how little of this enormous world we know and how much more there is to discover. 

Along with all the many experiences gained, this trip helped us to truly realize the power and importance of direct connection through music and art.  The charge from being in the same room with like minded people, focused and feeding off the energy of creative confession and reception, is something that cannot be otherwise replicated.  The raw emotion, response, and engagement uninterrupted fill each room and iteration with communal connection. A temporary merging of collective conscious and experience leaving a lasting impression to linger in each of those present beyond the instance of physical sense.  In an ever changing world of music, art, and the growing ways in which we can experience it, there is truly none greater than the shared connection felt when surrounded by those with the same love and vigor for art and expression.  The conjured energy of all combining to create a moment and resonant impression that rings clearly into the future, far past the instant of inception, sinking deep and transforming the artist in each of us.

While out on the road, in between the absorption of those experiences and bellowing creative confessions, we were able to capture some video footage and pictures from the shows.  As we continue to re-acclimate, we are still gathering all the sources and organizing various media taken on the trip. From what we've seen so far there is definitely some quality footage from which we will make more cohesive live videos. We plan on posting these, as well as more photos, sometime in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye out.

We return from the tour with new wisdom and inspiration, and on that we want to build and advance further in our creative journey.  We are already overflowing ideas and excitement on how do it again, traveling to new geographies and connecting with new people.  We would like to make the next even more immersive and exciting by reaching out and involving friends and fans to aid in the process.  We'll need help and advice finding venues and similar bands in new cities with which to connect.  And as always, helping spreading the word about the band and our music enables us to create more and tour to more new cities.  Together, by connecting with each other and new like minded people, we can work to strengthen the scene of passionate, progressive and intelligent music and art.

With that, as we begin the process of formulating the next journey, we want to again encourage everyone to connect with and contact us to keep up with the latest updates on both tour and other news.  Join the newsletter to make sure you get the latest, and email us at with information or questions.  We'll be reaching out for more help in the near future.

We greatly look forward to doing it again and meeting everyone out on the road.



Tue, 10/09/2012 - 11:19 - by Socionic

It has been a long time coming, but the release of our album Identity is finally here.  As with the development and maturation of many things worth toiling over, the tenets of a rich essence take time to distill.  The preparation of these songs led us through explorations of layered composition, the nuances and complexities of production, and the depths of emotion that translated into the lyrics, sound and art contained within.  From that journey came this album, and we are proud to present it to you.

In many ways it is much more than merely a of collection of songs, aural compositions that describe abstract forms of emotion and thought, but a description of the various aspects of expression and exploration that compose the artistic forces behind it.  Identity isn’t just a new album; it’s an establishment of what this project is about.  A foundation from which to build.  A solidification of Identity.

Musically this album is the most satisfying thing we’ve ever created as artists.  It represents pain and growth, wisdom and humility, excitement and power, and dissension against forces that would seek to quell progression of our collective mind.

Visually, it will take you deep into our world and the inspiration behind the music and challenge the eye to connect with deeper forms of symbolism. This exploration began with the video Identity of Socionic, which represents an abstract journey on the path to vision and individuation (a deeper look into that imagery will be discussed later) and it continues with the exploration of the meaning behind these songs that collectively make up the personality Socionic. 

We have conceived and developed our interpretation of the visual form of each song and with the help of a talented artist, Valp, materialized the imagery into color and form.  There are five separate works, each representing the symbolism behind a song, which will manifest themselves into various forms of digital imagery, as well as physical items such as apparel. 

The most immediate forms that contains all the artwork will be the physical CD and digital album found on our site at on October 16th.  The CD contains a booklet with each artwork and accompanying lyrics and the with the digital album will come a pdf download containing high resolution images of the same.  The album will also be available digitally on Amazon and iTunes, but the full artwork will not be included from those locations. 

We encourage you to experience the audio and visual forms of each song at the same time.  View the artwork and read the lyrics while listening to the songs to explore the connections between and discover a deeper revelation into the symbolism and meaning behind each.  Absorb sound, sight and word to saturate the senses with the full spectrum of what we are trying to project, and from that experience, develop your own interpretation and connection.

Music and art can be many things, and can be taken with different meaning by those that receive and create it.  Music is a release, an escape, a consolation, and an empowering force that uplifts, inspires and changes perspective.  Art is an expression, a confession, and an exploration of oneself, others, and the world we together share.  To us it is also an abstract connection and communication between the physical which we experience and the infinite realm of the abstract mind from which we feel, draw inspiration and explore potential.  An embodiment of all things not yet understood and able to be communicated.  An ascension to higher levels of vision and a facilitation of hope and advancement of Self.

In a time where music is quickly and easily manufactured and distributed, expression and art are marginalized by commercialism, and attention is easily influenced by fast and fickle trends, we strive to be true to the vision of what music and art mean to us.  Remembering the inspirations that urged us to create in the first place and fueling ourselves with the promise of discovery and fulfillment that comes with the exploration of the unknown.

It took much exploration, experimentation and effort, but this release is an enormous step in the process of individuation for Socionic.  From here, with direction clearly defined, we can create, grow, express, discover and build more quickly upon this foundation.

We hope that you will join us in the journey, to participate and create, and let our expression be heard.