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IndieGoGo Campaign for New Album


A new album waits on the horizon.  We need your help to make it happen!

Our Past and Future

It's been a little while since we released our debut album, "Identity".  In the time since, we've been exploring various areas of creativity including a couple music videos and a string of shows all over the West coast.  We've strengthened the lineup of the band, and with our new found collective creativity, we’ve been, most importantly, writing new songs.  The songwriting process over the last year has really diversified and developed for us resulting in an expanded sound and approach to creation.  It has yielded very pleasing and articulate results and we are incredibly excited to give life to these new creations by recording them and letting everyone hear what we've been doing.

Which brings us to the process of recording.  Since the inception of the project, it has embodied the spirit of independence and self sufficiency.  This has enabled us to be experimental and creative in all ways from music to artwork to business.  This mantra enables the potential for limitless creativity and is quite an exciting approach to take.  However, independence also finds us responsible for all the non-creative endeavors involved in the business of creating music and delivering it to the people with which it connects.  A big part of that responsibility involves the cost of producing music and all else it takes to run a successful band.  That's where we need your help.

What We Need and How You Can Help Us

We've done our research and reached out to our friends and connections in the production world to line up the studios, equipment and talent that we need to realize the vision that is this album.  Even in the age of technology it takes a budget to execute each step of the process up to the level of professional quality.  Which is why we are running this campaign, to get your help in maintaining the quality and creative vision to which we aspire to make music and art.

It is the relationship with our fans and friends that makes this creative journey so fulfilling and inspiring, and with this campaign, more than ever, you can be a big part of that process by enabling the creation of more music.

What it means for us and our future

As mentioned, we plan using this campaign to fund the creation of a new album, which includes time in the studio for drums, guitars, bass and vocals as well as the mixing and mastering of the tracks when they are completed.  We will also use budget produce artwork for the album by working with Valp, the album artists behind the “Identity” artworks as well as create new merchandise for the release.  If we meet or exceed our goals, funds will be used to produce music videos, more merchandise and promotion.

As a stretch goal, if we exceed the the costs for the previously listed items, we will use funds for tour support so that we can get out on the road again next year.  Many of you have asked when we will be touring and getting out to more cities.  It is something that we can’t wait to do and with success in this campaign, it will bring us that much closer to meeting everyone in person and realizing that dream of personally spreading our music from the stage.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you aren’t able to help by financially contributing, you can still help us out by telling friends and family about us and sharing the details of this campaign all across your network.  Every little bit helps in reaching our goal, and making this new album a reality.  Each link shared is more awareness for what we are doing and a chance to spread the word.


This campaign and new album creation is a new experience for us and another step in our creative and collective evolution.  In the possibility of today it is truly a reality for a creative group such as ourselves to exist and operate independently and devoid of resistance and regulation.  Our entire world exists between ourselves and the relationship with you, those who connect with this music and the philosophies from which it derives.  It’s a beautiful time for innovation, expression and expansion, and together, we can achieve anything.  From the entire band and each individual artist:

THANK YOU for being a part of this journey!

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Each reward and its fulfillment is outlined in the list to the right.  The majority of the rewards will be fulfilled after the completion of the album mixing and mastering which is expected to be complete sometime early next year.  More details about release schedule will come as the recording process progresses.

Budget Outline
Studio Fees 2500
Mixing / Mastering 3000
Album Art 2000
IndieGoGo Rewards - 500
Extra Budget Stretch Goals
Merch - 3000
Promotion - 1000
Music Videos - 2000
Tour Support - 2500-5000+