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Ignorant Idiot


I've always considered myself to be somewhat compassionate and progressive in thought, and often times in active pursuit of empathy even initially evaluation of another party appears selfish and short sighted. With that said, there comes a point at which you must identify something for what it is and confront ignorance with the aggressive base mentality that it requires.  Definitions with which to describe simple ignorance should not be extended into eloquence when there is none to be had.  Anger exists for a reason, it’s application is clear and direct in response to offense.

The inspiration for the lyrics of this song contained a list of names.  Names of people with whom this writer had irrational conflict that was unresolvable for at least the given time.  I think that it is something to which we all relate, and maybe some of us have many lists.  Collectively they inspired the state of this expression.

Note: To protect the self assumed innocent, said names shall not be published here.


Excessive tolerance and the perpetual notion of maintaining a positive perspective and conceding everyone the benefit of doubt eventually leads to a threshold that will be crossed. A breaking point on the edge of a limit. Innocent naïveté on the side of compassion leads to an influx of resentment when it is continually betrayed.  With others, the foundation of logic and reason aren't always the chosen place from which to build as one might assume. The ravenous ego seeks to gorge it's appetite on anything but rational in pursuit of its devices, for some rendering all other logic, compassion and empathy inert in the shadow of its influence.  It blinds the mind’s eye, in some cases its apparently permanent.

The transformation to that realization that reason and compassion can cause no effect on certain people was a difficult and painful one.  Something on which I based all my evaluation of truth, could be rendered useless in application toward some.  At which point the ability to tolerate and navigate become illogical.  The conscious defers to the unconscious.  Thinking turns to feeling.  And there is a reason that our emotions exist and play such a role in our judgement and action.  Nature and forces older and greater than our consciousness have deemed it so.  There comes a time at which there is no other option but to defer to our animal self.  For preservation of self as well as the beliefs for which we all fight so hard.


The visuals for the artwork are inspired by the notion of irrationality, but also exclusion.  The notion of a group of people, who are seemingly devoid of reason and compassion still have sway over such forces through collective ignorance and adherence to their own set of selfish and blind beliefs.  Their power comes in their union, aligning to perpetuating the false essence of their actions and beliefs in lieu of worship of the Ego.

These concepts are expressed within a theme loosely based on the mythology of Cassiopeia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassiopeia_%28mythology%29 ) and exhibit a visual style somewhat inspired by Greek mythology.  The symbol for the artwork is also based on the constellation which was named after Cassiopeia.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassiopeia_%28constellation%29


A metaphorical connection also exists where as the story goes, Cassiopeia was beautiful and fortunate, but  also arrogant and vain, the latter of these traits leading to her downfall.  The sentiment of this song strongly resonates the implication and eventual decline brought on by hubris.