Ascending Horizon | Socionic


Ascending Horizon

Infinity before me
The life I knew left behind
I turn my eyes to the horizon
Where earth betrays the sky

So long, have I tried
To change the color of my eyes
Beg for another day
To solve the mystery of my fate 

As I
Force and fight
Pushing through 
I try 
To find a way 
Reach so high  
Hope to find

And know
Reaching out
Reaching up
Rise again

I keep my eyes on the horizon
As I journey to the sun

Years like waves 
Crash down upon my face
I feel to turn away
Falter, hesitate

Still I
Try so hard
It never ends
So I
Can find my way
Finally see

To Know
Reaching out
Reaching up
Rise again

I am one with the horizon
As I step into the sun